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Pro Fishing Pictures is a new website created by AH360 Photography in Florida to showcase professional fishing photography from around the world.  As we develop the site, we only have our Images to share, but we are encouraging anyone in the Fishing Niche, with High Quality Photos, to submit them to us so we can include your work and reference your business or portfolio.  

“Fishing Photography Isn't For The Timid.”

Producing a Professional Fishing Image isn’t about mastering the elements, it’s about mastering your ability to adapt to them.  A Wedding photographer can pull out all sorts of tools to create the perfect lighting and backdrop, but Fishing Photographers are at the mercy of the fish and Mother Nature.  The best part- Taking photos isn’t the priority, catching the fish is, so you’re truly on your own!

For me, the worse the weather, the better the photos.  I love posting to Instagram, and I’l always notice that the rougher the ocean, the more likes and follows I’ll get from an Image.  But again, that bucks the trend of your typical photographer who doesn’t like wind, is deathly afraid of water, and will often cancel shoots for a lack of sunlight.  Like I say, “Photography isn’t for the Timid”.

AH360 Photography

An essential part of great Fishing Photos is making sure you capture and show off Fishing Boats.  The amount of money that goes into todays boat building has made for some really sick boats that almost seem to nice to fish on!

Anglers & Fishermen

These are the people that make it happen:  Fishermen, Fishing Women, and all Anglers in general.  Anglers sort of feel like God’s on the water and our pictures should reflect that


What are fishing pictures without ever getting the Fish?  While traveling on Tournament Fishing Teams I have multiple lenses that allow me to switch between capturing the fish my boat is catching, and shooting teams around us that might also be catching fish.  These long distant shots are often the most popular because they are more rare (Since most of us take pictures of ourselves fishing).


Pro Fishing Photo Preview Gallery

Below is a preview of what will be our professional fishing picture gallery.  As we build as this website a bit more, we will try and segment the pages between photos that feature primarily Fishing Boats, Fisherman, Fish, etc.  Most of the photos below are shot during a series of fishing tournaments between 2018 and 2019 using a Nikon Full Frame DSLR Camera.  The tournaments involved are Bluewater Movement tournaments along with JJFishWeek and Meat Mayhem.  If you have a tournament that you would like professional fishing pictures for, please contact us below!    

Tag Team Sportfishing Bisbees
Bisbees Fishing Tournament Marlin
Bisbees Fishing Tournament Marlin
Bayliss Boat In Cabo Mexico
Merritt Sportfish In St Thomas
Merritt Sportfish In St Thomas

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